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Mini Hospital at your Pharmacy needs Quality Health Professionals

Health Professional Locator

Medipoint Practitioner Locator Service locates Health Care Professionals to work in your pharmacy-based treatment rooms. 

Our sister company Medipoint HealthPharm is actively fitting treatment rooms into pharmacies for various health professionals to work in. 

We are looking for dentists, podiatrists, dieticians, reflexologists, homeopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, smoking cessation specialists, and counseling practitioners. 

Our other sister company Medipoint Kiosk is actively supplying information kiosks in pharmacies with an appointment making feature to simplify the appointment making process in community pharmacies.

Quality Services

We are committed to supporting your Mini Hospital Medipoint Health Pharm.

Let us know the therapy areas you are offering in your Mini Hospital Medipoint Health Phsrm and we will find suitable Health Care Professionals to make your excellent new service a success.

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Medipoint Practitioner Locator Service subscription £20 per month.

We can find Health care professionals to work in your Mini Hospital Medipoint Health Pharm..

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